Beauty: My Natural Hair Journey

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Dear readers,

If you need to know one thing about me, is that I’m obsessed with hair. It’s in my top 3 of favorite subjects and it’s not even number 3. I could talk and write about natural hair all day, everyday. Lucky for you that what I might do! But today I’m going to start by sharing with you my natural hair journey and how amazing it had been (it still is by the way). From tears to smiles, promises made to to take better care of it, success and failures. Anyway, if you have love for your natural hair, want and patience, go for it!

Look at the love she’s giving to her natural hair.

My natural hair journey started 9-10 years ago, I remember like yesterday when my big sister cut her hair. It was one of the most shocking moment of my life. I had wanted to open her head and dissect her brain to know what’s up?! Why the heck did she do that? You have to know that growing up as a black women, we had a special relationship with our hair.

My childhood was spent having my hair braided, then unbraided, then relaxed to be styled just after. So it was either having straight hair for 1 day or protective styles for weeks, I barely saw my hair, but I didn’t care because I hated I. I hated it when someone touched my hair, especially when it was to comb it dry. DRY. Can you believe it? Because my past suffering self certainly can, poor thing.

I don’t blame anyone because we didn’t know better, it was what it was. Nobody taught us how to love and take care of our mane. The only advertisements out there about our hair were the last shinny relaxer that we wanted so badly. Because back in the days, straight hair was THE thing. Relaxer day was literally “get in losers we’re going to straight hair land! ” And we were so happy to go!

So now you can understand my reaction when my eyes landed on my sister’s short hair. Having long hair was one of our ultimate goal, and since it seemed like black women weren’t made to reach that goal, well cutting our hair was…. sacrilege. There I said it! Of course I criticized her, she needed to know how wrong she was, but you know what? She did not care. And that one of the reason I love my big sister. She did what she had to do, and she did it good.

Oh, and you also need to know that I have a lot of audacity, because a week after I handed her a pair of scissors and asked innocently “Cut my hair, please?”. Plot twist : she said no. Eventually I had to do it myself, my hair were in such a bad shape. Everyone was complimenting me about it while my hair was dying. I lost a lot of hair in the back and I had more in the front relaxed. It was like my natural hair went to war against my relaxed one and lost. It should have just sat there….

It was a tragic moment for us (my hair + me) and I knew nothing about hair care so I couldn’t save it. I had to bid my hair farewell in front of my mirror #gonebutneverforgotten.

My 1st big chop.

10 years ago there was a tiny bit of informations about natural hair care, and not a lot of popular products to use. Garnier was one of the first to launch products for thick, coily, frizzy hair with avocado as the main ingredient. We also had Hair Mayonnaise that we loved very much. And I used everything else I could find. We started from the bottom, we saw natural beauty influencers on YouTube and blogs at their beginning. The good ol’ days.

I listened, I noted, I tried, I failed a lot but I saw my hair thrive and grow. Something I thought was impossible. I fell in love with my natural hair, really hard. I spent days and nights searching for the new, hot information on what to do and how to do it. The ingredient that will change the game, why I should buy this product and not this.

Unbelievable but my mom also did her big chop too one year later, my little sister followed after. It’s crazy to think that my oldest sister was the one to bring into our house the natural hair movement, I’m thankful to her for that. 4 years after I did a second big chop, to try again. I had more knowledge, more products were out and I wanted to have a cleaner hair routine.It worked! My hair were stronger, healthier, it was getting so long.

Look at this amazing afro.

Everything was going good, I grew my hair for 5 years before I cut it…. again. Yeah my mother was flabbergasted too, but it was just hair. I really think we shouldn’t be afraid to test different things. I wanted a change and I love short hair, so I said why not? And I know my hair by heart, so it could go back where it was before the cut.

10 years later, I’m seated on my bed,locs on my head to tell you all about the love I still have for my natural hair. I never regretted my choice, and to see that having natural hair is something normal. To see all those brands made by us and for us, accessories, articles for natural hair well that makes my 16 years old self happy and proud.

That’s where I’m heading now in shaa Llah.

Did I wish for all of this when I started? Yes. But I’m grateful for what I had. And I’m so excited for this new locked chapter in my journey.

Now get in winers, we’re going to accept our natural hair land! On the way don’t forget to leave a comment, I want to know all your thoughts about the subject. Sharing is caring so care and share.

Here’s my natural hair journey & evolution. I love it.

With so much love for my hair & you, Arba.

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