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Dear readers,

It had been so long we talked about hair. So it was about time I write my hair routine. At least the one I used to do before my locs. I highly recommend you to read the 10 lessons I learnt on my natural hair.

2 posts later (read my hair journey here) and you know now how much I love my natural hair. In 10 years I got ups and downs. Days where I wondered if cutting everything wasn’t the best option. And others where I admired my mane. Getting through all those bad and good experiences,helped me build a healthy and solid hair care routine. I knew what my hair needed,when it needed it. That’s why I advise to first learn all about your hair. Understand it, in order to master it . Easier said than done indeed, but to learn we have to try and fail.

Here’s the result of how far I’ve come. Before starting my routine, I part my hair in 4 and braid them after a step is done. It’s so much easier that way and I’m sure to have access to all my hair and scalp.

1-Oil Bath

A primordial step that makes all the difference. Bath oil is very simple: Put oil on your hair. Protect your head with plastic bag and also to create heat. Let your bath oil rest for hours or all night.

My advice : of course you do you, but when we begin, mixing multiple oils could be counter productive. It’s better to test one oil at a time to see how your hair react. Then try oils all together.

My selection :

-Jojoba Oil

-Olive Oil

-Mustard Oil

-Grape Seeds Oil

-Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

2-Hair Mask

Credit photo : Aroma Zone.

Yep, I do not wash my hair after a bath oil, that way I don’t have to add oil in my homemade mask. I keep the mask from 1 to 2 hours. And like with the bath oil I put a plastic bag and a heat bonnet or a towel.

My selection :

-Once a month I do a henna mask, and add to it an hydrating ingredient like a yogourt. Avoid using henna with just water and an oil, because henna dries hair. Hence the need of hydratation. Glycerin, honey are also very good ingredients to use with.

-Sometimes I replace henna with one or more ayurveda powders. My favorites are : Amla,Brahmi,Bhringaraj,Kapoor Kachli,Shikakaï.

-And once a week, every week I use the Aroma Zone hair mask. I have nothing to say about this mask, except that it’s BOMB. Makes the hair soft, shinny and happy.

3-Shampoo :

I clean my hair by concentrating most of my attention on my scalp. And please don’t use your nails to rub your scalp! I have a thing for bar shampoo, I really think it’s so great because on top of cleaning, giving beautiful hair, it’s good for the planet.

My selection :

-Bar Shampoo from Bayti Beauty. ( I forgot it on the picture)

-Bar Shampoo J.R Liggett’s

-Giovanni Smooth As Silk

-Lavera Rose and Pea Vegetal Protein. My favorite ever !! Unfortunately I have a hard time finding it again.

4-Conditioner :

Some people only use conditioner to wash their hair. Once again find what works for you. Me? I don’t always use it when I do, I love to detangle my hair with my Denman Brush during this step.

My selection :

-Lavera’s Conditioner with rose and pea protein. Like the shampoo this one is *chief’s kiss*.

-Giovani Smooth As Silk Conditioner as good as the shampoo.

5-Leave in conditioner :

This is the not so healthy products section. I totally own it. One day I’ll find a way to have affordable healthy ones. In the meantime don’t skip this step !

My selection :

-Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning. I discover this year that a lot of people don’t like Cantu. My hair had no problem with their products, it proves that it’s really specific to each.

-As I Am Leave In Conditioner. I looove this brand. I tested their detangling milk, twists cream and their leave in and so far no disappointment.

6-Seal hydratation :

Crucial step. Our hair now hydrated we have to block this hydratation. And for that I nourish my hair with a heavy oil or a butter, depends of my mood.

My selection :

-Shea Butter

-Castor Oil

Those products might be too heavy for some of you. As mentioned above ; test and see by yourself.

After everything I braid my hair and go lay down. And 1 or 2 time a week I spray my hair with water and put butter or oil again.

It can seem a lot, but I did this routine for years and it never failed me. So it’s more than worth the time and energy. If we want beautiful and healthy hair we must work for it.

Tell me in the comments your favorite products and share your hair care routine. Don’t forget to share this article before washing your hair.

With love, Arba.

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