Natural Hair : 10 Lessons I Learnt

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Dear readers,

Picture this : a young, enthusiastic version of myself. She just cut her hair, and is already dreaming about her beautiful and long hair. But she has 0 knowledge about how to take care of her hair, and especially the kinky hair. Basically I was like : “I cut it, I have a blank page that’s great, but what’s next? ”

Well I just have to get to work. And starting by the beginning : learning and understanding the nature of my hair.

I would love to precise something here, our hair are gorgeous and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise, not even yourself ! Yes frizzy, kinky hair seem complicated to take care of, but once you get how to give it everything it needs, it’s not.

What’s frizzy/kinky hair?

Frizzy/kinky hair grows in spiral and it comes out lying on the scalp. This type of hair has a curved hair follicle, it’s deep rooted into the scalp. That explains why it grows slower than the others. Our hair follicle are more fragile and easily tear off.

Also our hair have this tendency to be dry and dehydrated because our follicle doesn’t produce a lot of sebum.

Now that all those informations are in my brain, I have to know what to do with it. Thereof learning everything I can on kinky hair care. Those advices can be applied for others kind of hair.

What I Learnt :

1-Never comb/brush them dry.

Untangling our hair should never be painful, but a great moment to deliver it from knots. And for that, we need a good comb (or your fingers will do) I first had a classic wide tooth comb. Comb that I exchanged for the irreplaceable, marvelous Denman Brush.

Then we’ll need the necessary products : water or water + a good detangling milk/cream with water has it first ingredient. We can also do it with our conditionner. A lot of patience and softness are required, NEVER ever untangle when we are in a hurry. And start from the tips to the roots.

2- Don’t tie scarf/foulard too tight, same for crownrows and braids !

Traction alopecia, do you know her? Well you might if you keep this bad habit to tie your scarves too tight. Traction alopecia is simply hair loss.

This is a mistake I did, but thanks God it never went that far, I found myself with less edges that was all. The problem had been solved quickly with the good products and gestures.

3-Sleeping with a satin/silk pillowcase or bonnet.

Coton isn’t our friend (except for our panties). Our hair already dehydrate faster than the others, and because of the inadequate climate it’s dry. If on top of that when we hydrate and nourish it, coton drinks it all… isn’t it super frustrating?! I slept during years without satin and with, I can assure you it makes a HUGE difference. Satin/silk will protect our hair and face, so it’s a win-win.

4- Hydrate and nourish it well.

Repeat after me : “oil doesn’t hydrate, but nourish.” We can only hydrate with water or a product with water as its first ingredient. I already said it our hair are dry because they have a little bit of sebum. So in order to avoid dryness we have to bring them water, then seal the hydratation in others words block it if we don’t want to loose it. For that we need to use an oil, or butter.

5-Protectives styles.

The more we’ll let our hair alone, the better it will be. A nice protective style done with our own hair and just like this they are protected, and just like this dryness and breakage are avoid. Of course if you bring them hydratation, don’t style them too tight, and don’t keep it for months.

6- No rubbing with a towel.

After a good shampoo, avoiding as much as we can harmful and drying ingredients. And also a good detangling conditioner, we need to stop rubbing our hair. We don’t need that to dry them, like let’s have mercy for our hair scales. Just mop delicately with a organic coton towel (if you can), or a bamboo one (my favorite !! ). Or a microfiber one which is known for its great absorption power. And don’t scrub the scalp, what did it do to you?

7-Don’t neglect your scalp.

I couldn’t find picture of a scalp…. Anyway the most important is that you know that a dead hair, can’t be repair. No matter the promises of this or that brand. The only alive part of our hair is the one inside, in the hair bulb. The root will be stimulated thanks to the contributions of blood vessels. It will permit hair growth. The part that we see is called the rod, and it’s not alive. Consequently it’s very important to take care of our scalp, this is the essential area of our hair. If our scalp is in bad wealth, we can’t except to have beautiful hair.

8-Using scissors when needed.

In order to prevent our hair to break, we can’t be afraid of cutting our tips. It the most damaged part, because it’s the oldest. The more we are close of the roots, the less our hair are dry or breakable. The main issue with a tip that isn’t in its best shape, it’s that it can slow down our growth. Each time a hair will want to grow, it will be cut.

But don’t cut all the time, just when needed (of course if you want long hair.)

9- Healthy hair is more important than long one.

The title says it all. This goal of long hair we want so bad, can’t be achieved if you don’t do the necessary to have healthy hair. A hurting scalp, dry breaking dying hair, is that what we want? Nope ! So let’s put our wealth first, and not spending money in the new miracle product to gain 10cm in 2 seconds. Let’s not forget that a damaged hair, can’t be repaired but we can avoid this tragic ending for our new growth. For that we have to listen and know our hair.


No need for a picture for this one. It’s the last one, because it took me time to understand it. I could use the brand new leave in, do this thing or that, but nothing comes in one noght. Like the beautiful quote said : “Patience is a tree with a bitter root and very sweet fruit. “. How hard it is to patient when we want everything, right now. But it worth it, believe me.

With all of those 10 things in mind, I just needed to find and practice a hair routine. But we will talk about it later.

You can share in the comments, your hair advices/tip/tricks.

With love, Arba.


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