Eid : 3 Menu Ideas

Dear readers,

Ramadan is gone and with it Eid Al Feetr. A party that had been very special this year because of the sanitary crisis we are living, and the lockdown. Even if now we can go outisde again, the situation is not really back to normal. So this feast of sacrifice will be done without our usual visit to the mosque for the prayer.

But since it’s important to try to see the positive in things, it will not prevent us to enjoy fully this very important party. Eid Al Adha also named Eid Al Kebir (the big party) lasts 3 days unlike Eid Al Feetr. This day commemorates the day when prophet Ibraheem (alayhee salam) received his Lord’s order to sacrify his son Ismael. But plot twist : he had been replaced by a aries at the last minute. So every year, we have to sacrify a sheep (for those who have the means) of course by respecting the rules.

In the next days, on top of doing the maximum of good deed, we’ll start being ready for the party. Between the gifts orders (I see the last minute people), looking for the perfect decooration and clothes. And mainly what we are going to put on our table. With the last point in my head, I’ve decided to propose you 3 menu ideas for Eid, from the entree to the desert without forgetting the beverages ! Chicken, beef, fish have been honored with 3 mouth watering recipes.

I’m not gonna lie, writing this article made me hungry !

MENU 1 :

Entree : Cucumber & Tomato Salad
Main dish : Garlic Butter Roasted Beef + Mashed Sweet Potato + Roasted Honey Butter Carotts.
Dessert : Chocolate Mousse
Drink : Virgin Pina Colada

MENU 2 :

Entree : Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Wraps
Main Dish : Jamie Oliver’s Roasted Chicken With Vegetables.
Dessert : Strawberry Lemon Mascarpone Mousse.
Drink : Watermelon & Mint Lemonade

MENU 3 :

Entree : Shakshuka
Main Dish : + Turmeric Rice
Dessert : Apple Crumble
Drink : Lemonade

I hope it will help you in your quest, if you taste one of the menu or only a recipe a feedback will be more than welcome. Don’t forget to share with someone for whom it could be useful. See ya !

With love, Arba.

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