Homeschooling : My Essentials.

Dear readers,

A school year had just finished to let its place to another one coming soon. Which means that a new family is going to join the homeschooling team. And with this decision will come questions, and doubts. I know what it’s like, I went through this years ago. I was lost not because of the lack of informations but too much of it !

The first question had been : what to buy? What are the most essentials items to achieve our year succesfully? Of course this list can change regarding the needs of each one. We don’t need a big budget to instruct our kids. But I love to think that education is an investissment of my time and money. Understand that the material doesn’t do everything, far from that but that’s another subject for another article.

1-A printer :

If you need to invest in something, it’s the printer. The new subscription HP got, is what made me buy mine. It’s a huge money saving deal essential when we homeschool. I don’t need to think about buying ink anymore, HP sent mine directly to my mailbox. I couldn’t recommend it enough !

2-A laminator :

My best friend. If someone told me one day I would be in awe with a laminator, I would have say nah! But I have no choice but to admit that it’s the truth. I always laminate the learning cards, to use them more longer or write on it. I bought mine on Amazon, it had been with us for like 3 years. The laminator sheets are from the brand Fellowes, I made the mistake one to switch for less expensive well the quality was mediocre. It’s up to you, of course.

3-A binding machine :

This one might not be an essential for everyone, but to me a thousand times yes! I’ve always fought with papers being everywhere. Putting it in a place that I forgot about. Now I can created booklet easily, it’s so great! My sister gifted me hers, for once doing something good. Thanks Dia ! Don’t forget to buy ring plastic combs.

4-A notebook for your organization :

I talk about our organization in this article : Our organization. I really recommend a notebook with spirals, it’s easier to turn pages. The height doesn’t matter.

5-Pencils,rubbers,scissors,sharpener :

It’s all in the title ! I’ll never buy bad quality pencils ever again. Same for the erasers, the one on the picture is from me the best.

6-Colouring pencils :

I forgot the number of colouring pencils I’ve bought. My kids loooove to draw,so the pencils wear out and get lost easily. Here again invest in good quality !

7-Document folder :

Perfect to tidy my kids’ drawings. But also their learning sheets.

8-Binders :

I put my children’s work, classified by subjects. Each one has a binder.

9-Wooden document folder :

I discovered this dope object on Objectif-Ief, and let me tell you it’s a game changer. I put in it the books, sheets and booklets we have to work on every week. Everything is tidy and easy to find.

10-Storage Boxes :

I couldn’t talk about storage without talking about boxes. We have big,small,medium ones. Perfect to store books, or cards.

11-Rubber Bands :

This is only this year I started using rubber bands. And I wonder why I didn’t do it before?

12-Stickers :

Stickers are for every age. They can be useful for everyone, even you.

13-Buttons :

Buttons offer a large choice for crafty activities. But they will also be useful for maths, and french for example to count  syllables.

14-A board :

Awesome to avoid using paper all the time. Kids love when we change the support, so think about make them write on a board.

15-Clothespins :

To work motricity with your littles and have fun while learning with the biggest.

16-Painting :

My kids have a love/hate relationship with painting. Sometimes they are asking for it and others times they’re complaining it’s dirty. But I can’t imagine not buying it.

You may have notice that coloring felt pens aren’t on my list, that’s because we abandonned it this year. So I know now we can do without coloring felt pens.

And with that the article is over. Tell me in the comments what are your essentials? Don’t forget to share it with someone. See you soon.

With love,Arba.

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