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Dear readers,

A new year started, the most important for us since it’s our first Academic Inspection. So with my notebook special homeschooling, I have to be organized and do it good despite my ADHD. If you want to know how my homeschooling organization looks alike, keep reading.

Our organization

It’s during the summer holidays that the longest and difficult work is done. Before everything else, I seek the National Education curriculum for my First Grade and Kindergarten. In order to have an idea of what is excepted. I made the choice to not use correspondence courses neither an online school, we did years ago and didn’t like it. And I really believe it restricts the freedom homeschooling gives to me and my children.

After consulting the NE (national education) curriculum, I need to find a goals booklet. One made by a teacher or a homeschooling mother. This booklet will simplify the curriculum and make it more understandable for me to have a guideline in our schooling. What my children are supposed to learn? It helps me earn time and facilitates my researches after.

The fact to really focus on the curriculum, helps me doing researches specifically on a skill to acquire. For example my 6 year old has to learn poems, so when I’m going on the differents websites I know, I will look only for that, print and tidy them. Something else that helps me definy our homeschooling goals, is looking the summary of the manuals I bought.

I love having main goals, like reading. That way even though we haven’t completed all the others objectives, the most important will be.

Then comes my favorite part : find supports, exercises on my favorite blogs. There are so many, beautifully designed that I have this tedency to print everything. But I’m working on that. Those sheets, flashcards and others will either permit me to provide a complement in addition to the manuals. Or either gives me the opportunity to propose something different to my kids while still working the same subject.

Themes punctuate our yearly work, I choose them based on the “Discovering the world” curriculum. But it can be used in English, Arab and also art. So far we did space, alimentation, human body, water. I can’t wait for us to start our world trip.

I vary the themes and use differents supports because it’s very important to me, in order to avoid boredness and to teach them a lot of things, in many differents ways. They learn how to write in the sand, by going over rough letters, with a coloring pen and so on.

That’s pretty it for my annual planning. Then, and a big thanks to Jessie from the blog Objectif-Ief, I plan all this work week by week. Everything is noted in a notebook I bought especially for that and that I divided by child.

The work done is colored in neon.

I write the work we have to do on our manuals, but also on the sheets by subject : French, maths, English, Arab, religious subjects. Every subject has a category like writing, reading, geometry etc.

This method really changed everything for the better. I take my time every Sunday to look over the work we did. Also to prepare for the new week by adding a sheet or page we didn’t do the previous week if I need to. I follow the summary of our manuals, et put into their documents holder the exercises sheets we’re going to use. Our instruction is more structured, we know where we are heading, and know exactly what we have to do from Monday to Friday. Even if that didn’t stop us from adding activities or getting rid of one.

After that during our mini holidays, I consult everything. I can see what had been understood and what we need to work on again. What sheets or booklets we finished, to prepare and print the next ones. I also prepare new themes with an activities list to do and place to visit. It’s the time where I tidy too.

The organization is for me one of the keys of our success. And I really wanted to nail it because like I explained this year is very important to us. Our academic inspection went very well, which comforted me with the choices we made, and prove that it’s working. I don’t feel lost in what I’m doing because I know which direction I have to take. What I have to do, and how. Yes, there are still days where I doubt but I just need to think about my main goals, and I’m feeling better.

If you have more questions about my organization, feel free to ask them in the comments section. It will be my pleasure to answer.

And I’m working on more articles about homeschooling. In the meantime tell me about your organization.

With love, Arba.

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