Story Time: Clemtine & Mungo

Dear readers,

My love story with books started when I was in first grade, I must have been 6-7 years old. I remember when we read this book in class about a group of friends and a ghost. We had to read the next page for the day after, but I could never do that, I always read 2 or 3 more pages until my first-grade teacher told me to stop. That broke my book lover heart. I spent most of my time in the school library, taking all the Asterix & Obelix’s comics, the Tintin ones too. 

My weekend was all about reading them. Then I discovered the moving library, imagine a ton of books in a bus. I was obsessed. But nothing could beat the neighborhood’s library. 2 floors of books. All kinds of them, for all ages. I excitedly waited for Wednesday and Saturday just to go there, loan one or more books to live new adventures and make new friends. Words helped me through difficult moments. They were there when I thought I was alone. And of course, the book that saved my life, the greatest: The Quran. 

Years after sharing this love for books with my children, fill my heart with joy. To see their eyes sparkle when they see a beautiful cover, hear their laughter when one of the characters does something clumsy. To witness their attention piqued when interesting information is given, have no price. I learn so much with books, I hope my kids will say the same one day. 

So to celebrate our first story time, we are going to talk about Clementine and Mungo the adorable book about a brother and a sister.

Mungo is Clementine’s younger brother and like all the younger sibling he follows her and hangs on every words she pronounces. He believes everything because for him Clementine knows it all. So he spends the book asking her multiple questions ; one about the cat and their coats made my kids howl of laughter.

As an adult with a little bit of science, I know how wrong Clementine is. Yet to Mungo her replies are nothing but the truth. So who cares if tiny pig painters don’t exist to paint leaves, or that she needs to take lessons about the earth?

I love how the book shows the limitless imagination of our kids brain. They have a special way to see the world, so innocent cute and very funny.

I’m a sucker for books about sibling friendship, especially with my two boys who are best friends one day, and nemisis the other. It’s a funny educative way to show them the worth of their bond and how to cultivate it. Clementine is so patient with Mungo, she answers willingly to his questions, that’s how adults should be with children and how I hope my kids will be with each other. The love, and patience displays in this book is wonderful. A true lesson.

My kids loved this book. The text is very simple, it’s an amusing story through Clementine’s replies. But the message delivered is a strong one. Julaybib and Luqman are still asking what Clementine & Mungo are? Frankly, I don’t know if someone has the answer feel free to let me know. Thanks.

The most important question is asked by Clementine at the end. And Mungo gave her the most perfect answer we wish to hear our kids tell to each other, he will never be afraid as long as she’s here. Because she’s always is. Awwww cuteness overload.

It’s a pretty book that has his place in our home library. Well done Sarah Dyer, well done!

With love, Arba.

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