Homeschooling: Why And How I’ve Made This Decision?

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Dear readers,

In this article I wanted to quickly touch on a subject close to my heart: homeschooling. Since it’s the first post in my homeschooling category, I’ve decided to explain the beginning. The reason of why this decision to homeschool my kids, and how I made that happen?

*What’s homeschooling?*

It’s simply the choice that more and more families make to teach their children themselves. Or with the help of correspondence courses and online school instead of sending them to a school. You don’t need a diploma or any kind of certificate to do it. Just to be well informed about the subject.

*What are the administrative procedures to follow? *

In France to avoid getting into legal trouble and being punished, we have to send 2 declarations by mail. In which we explain that our kid(s) is/are homeschooled. 

Those 2 letters must be sent before the first day of school. One to the mayor of our town and the other to Academie of our sector. It’s best to send it via mail with acknowledgment of receipt. The Academy will send the scholarship certificate, for us to give a copy to the Family allowances. The mayor office will then arrange a date to meet us and inquire as to the reasons why you choose homeschooling. But also to be sure that everything is good. 

Most of the time, after this visit it’s the turn of the Academy to come (sometimes the mayor workers never show up). In order to control the quality of the schooling we are giving to our children. If the inspector judges that we are doing a fine job, we can breathe and keep on going. 

But if that’s not the case, a second rendezvous (appointment) will be given. If, even after that appointment, the level and quality of schooling is not not up to their standard, the children will be ordered to be put in school. 

*Why This Decision?*

Like I explained to the workers from the mayor office; I discovered homeschooling thanks to a documentary. I was a teenager, and homeschooling was this mysterious thing that I never heard about before. It was so odd to not have a kid in school. Nowadays, it has changed but homeschooling is still weird to some people, and surrounded by a lot of myths. 

This documentary really marked me, and the more I thought about motherhood, the more I was intrigued by the idea of homeschooling. Why not have my children from morning to night, with me? Learn them everything I can? So years later, when being a mother was becoming my reality, I did extensive researches. Of course, 80% of that was in English. And it makes sense, as we know how homeschooling has a better reputation in the United States than here (France). The community is bigger and they have a lot more opportunities to do a lot of things. What charmed me above all, was the joy and love I could feel from these families, they loved homeschooling. I wanted that. 

Once I learnt the law in France regarding homeschooling, I made my decision. My kids will be homeschooled. Me, who always dreamt to be a mother and a teacher, so I grabbed the opportunity to be both with my two hands.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If you are homeschooling why you’ve this decision? Don’t forget to share this article, if you know someone that could benefit from it.

With love, Arba.

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