Review: Scented Candles from Candle & Creation

Perfumed and colored tartlets.

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Dear readers,

Disclaimer : I bought the scented candles myself, why my own momey. I don’t perceive something in exchange of this article. With or without sponsorship or parternership I’ll always give an honest opinion.

Today we are talking scented candles, but not regular ones, nope! Those are from the very talented : Candle & Creation.

This new business was born in August 2017, after the love of the CEO for candles and her husband’sencouragements pushed her to launch her candles brand. 3 years after she offers a wide range of products from the mini candles sold in different shapes. Laundry sprays, pretty burners. But also candles that you can personalized with your name, and boxes which are great gifts ideas.

I forgot MUSC in the group picture.

Your smell sense will be thrilled with scents like Pina Colada, Mojito and Oriental Evasion (her first creations). She also proposes everyday perfumes you might have wore as Mademoiselle Coco, or Angel. But also gourmet scents with Nougat and so much more. The choice is yours.

Mine fell on 7 scented tartlets :

-Cinnamon & Apple. Aka the perfect scent for Fall.

-Nougat. Just because the name makes me crave for one or a hundred.

-Mademoiselle Coco. One of my favorites perfumes.

-Angel. My favorite perfume.

-Cotton flower. The scent everyone should have, for the cocooning mood it puts us in.

-Mint. To bring freshness into the house.

-Musc. I have an obsession with muscs. For real I have more than 10 bottles in my drawers.

My opinion :

When I received my package, after doing my “I’m happy, I got my order ” dance. I opened it and the smell from the envelope was incredible. It gives you a perfect idea of the impressive olfactory level of those tartlets.

I really loved the reusable Kraft packaging she put the scented candles in. The tartlets are solid with not a single scratch on them. The colors are vibrant and gorgeous, their size is perfectly adapted to the burner. Once melted, we can see glitters floating on the top, I love it!

I had a big enormous crush for Musc, if only all the rooms could smell like that. If like me you love the odor of musc, you’ll appreciate this tartlet. Then without any surprise Angel & Mademoiselle Coco are in my top 3. The smell of the tartlets is so close of the bottled perfumes, so for that congrats to her!

I loved mint too, cotton flower as well especially after a good house cleaning because it reinforces the clean atmosphere. Try it and you’ll understand.

The others candles did not disappointed me. I didn’t find them a single flaw but I had to choose winners.

A French Enterprise 100% artisinal, runs by a Muslim woman who’s generous and very close to her customers. And on top of that offers products with a clean composition and quality; seriously, what more the people can ask for?!

A website is on its way. In the meantime for all orders (Europeans only), informations follow @Candle_et_creation on Instagram.

Wishing you a scented day or night. Tell me in the comments, if you were a scent which one would you be?

With love, Arba.

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