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Dear readers,

This article will be 100% promotion and not any promotion but my brand and products. Yeeeaah you read that right I now have my small business : Arbafrican and I’m here to tell you all about it with a big smile on my face hihihi!

Let’s start from the beginning, it had been a moment I was thinking about lauching something. I always knew deep down that it had to do with Africa. Mugs are the first idea that came to my mind, also notebooks because I’m a big fan of stationery. But as you can see mugs got the last word. The goal was to take something useful, that everybody has or use and make it unique with illustrations paying homage to the African continent. Through a quote, a moment, an object or food what matters here is to celebrate Africa. By the way « celebrating Africa » became Arbafrican’s slogan. And here Arbafrican was made.

Why this name?

Arbafrican is the fusion of Arba (thats me) with the word African. For the little story I found my name,a night minutes before praying with my husband’s help. Arbafrican made totally sense, because it’s a part of me (my name) + another part of me : where I’m from. For in the end give you everything I represent with my brand.

And Arbafrican is for who?

For all the lovers of Africa who want pretty objects that represent it, items which will make them smile, dream and nostalgic. A place to share what makes Africa what it is in all its beauty. That might be you or a friend, that doesn’t matter come celebrate Africa with me.

What products can be found on

For now I propose a collection of 5 mugs. Every illustration had been thought by me and inspired by what caught my eyes at the moment. Once the design done on my notebook, I send everything to Lule my skillfull illustratrice. Not gonna lie it’s something to see my ideas come to life. Something between joy and pride. From this collobaration was born :

-The « Attaya Time » mug. The perfect mug for the team tea as me. The attaya is a very consumed tea in North Africa and West. I grew up watching my parents and relatives do this beverage which is a simple mix of water, black tea, mint and a loot of sugar. But even if the recipe is simple, there are the skill and style to do it. So it was unthinkable to not make a mug for it ! By the way with peanuts it’s so good.

-« But First Coffee » mug. Listen in this house we respect coffee and tear drinkers. There is something for every taste at Arbafrican. To stay in the African theme, the illustration on the mug is Touba coffee, loved in Senegal and others West African countries. It’s an aromatized coffee with Guinea pepper, and a spice coming from a dry fruit from a tree in Guinea. I think you understand that Touba coffee is not an average one and that’s why it deserved its mug.

-« Khamare Power » mug. OHHH The khamare if you read the article about it on my blog, you know how much I love this plant. And yes it’s a picture of my mug I used in the article. To resume khamare is this superb plant that do wonders on woman’s body, that’s why when I wanted to create this mug, I knew I had to put a black woman on it. There she is wearing her crown made with vetiver root with an hibiscus flower on the side. And instead of the famous « Girl Power » there is Khamare Power to stay in the feminine vibe.

-« No Pagne, No Game« . This one is my favourite, and I owe it to my husband. You need to know that my husband is so much better than me for words play and this mug proves it. Pagne, an african piece of cloth is unmissable in our wardrobe, we got some in all colors and shapes. This mug is for all of you who have pagne, so game.

-« Africans Baskets » mug. MATRIOCHKA is the first word that comes to my mind when I watch at this mug, and for a good reason since it’s this well known russian doll that gave me the inspiration! I loved the idea to represent an item very present in africans household in a unique and funny way. And the result goes beyond my expectations.

I can only wish you to love my mugs as much as I do, I’m proud of the work my Lord allowed me to do. This is only the beginning since I opened my e-store on August 27th, a small baby ! But I have big projects for Arbafrican, I want to see it grow, become better to give you the best. Arbafrican is more than a brand or products, it’s this desire from a young african woman to share moments of joy with you. All those momentss based of course on the love of our culture and legacies. Since the adventure just started, everything will not be 100% perfect, I keep learning. Every purchase made at Arbafrican will help me moving forward. I consider each one of my customer as a member of my tribe, come join it.

You can find all my products here : & you can also follow me on Instagram @arbafrican or Facebook : Arbafrican

Tell me in the comments your thoughts. And don’t forget to share this article, it will be a huge help in this new adventure.

With love for Africa & you, Arba.

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