Dear readers, 

If you reading this, that means I’ve finally decided to not let my fears control and launch my blog. 

You might wonder why “Dear Arba”? Because this blog is like an open letter to myself, and to all the Arba out there with whom I have so much in common. And to pay homage to my dear great grandmother Arba.

I want to talk about Islam, womanhood, motherhood. Homeschooling as a stay at home mother who homeschools her children. The most random subjects, everything that makes me smile, laugh, frown my eyebrows. I want to talk about food (of course!), books because life without books would be so dull. And so much more, but above all I want to hear from you, all you have to share with me, for this, to become our dear place. I welcome you like I hope you will welcome me in your life.

A quick introduction of me, myself and I: My name is Arba Joma, mother of 2 energetic very funny boys of 6 years old (and half!), and 5 years old. I’m a 26-year-old Senegalese Muslim woman living in France. And who feels older than her age, who’ve also been diagnosed recently with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) , so big shootout to all my ADHD companions.

I love long ballads in the forest, preferably in Spring, losing myself in books, writing, learning new things. I love planning my children’s school, finding new activities on Pinterest (aka the best application on Earth). I’m obsessed with my hair and everything surrounding hair care. I love easy DIY because let’s be honest I’m not that good with my hands. And I sometimes have the feeling that my brain has multiple tabs open. I’m in between what’s healthy and what’s not so healthy lol. And Allah blessed me with the best family and friends anyone could ever have. 

Ok enough about me! Now it’s your turn, I want to know what you’re willing to tell me about you. Looking forward to reading from you.

With love, Arba.


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