Fitness : Working our abs without crunches

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Dear readers,

Who want a flat, toned tummy here? You do, good because you are in the good place. BUT, if you are excepting any crunches I’m sorry but there are none! Because I hate crunches, those exercises should be banned from everything, forever. Crunches hurt our neck and worse our perineum and for what?!

What’s the perineum? You might wonder. It’s simply where our dear uterus is. It goes from our pubis to our coccyx. The perineum is often compared to a hammock because it supports the genital organs and the anus. Perineum is very, very important and we really, really have to take care of it to avoid troubles like : urinary incontinence, vaginal gas to only name those two.

Ok, ok, Arba that’s fascinating but what the correlation between crunches and perineum? And the answer is : after I gave birth to my first son, I had an appointment with my midwife (shout out to her because she’s the best!). I told her I wanted a flat belly, and she replied from the outset, I quote : “well you shouldn’t do crunches. ” I didn’t understand it, until she explained that it will bring out my belly, and press on my perineum so cause an organ descent. See how bad crunches are?!

Furthermore those exercises only work the superficial part of your tummy, you know the 6 pack thing. What we want and deserve it’s a flat, toned belly. And one we got without causing damage to our neck and perineum. For that we need to favor exercises that will focalize on our core.

So here are 3 exercises (I do like this number) to really reach this goal gently but that doesn’t mean it will not hurt like crazy.

Don’t forget to warm up before any physical exercise. Drink water during your workout and focalize on your breath. Pay attention to keep your back flat, and stretch after !

1-Plank with shoulders touch.

Plank is THE exercise to work your core, that’s the first one my midwife told me about. It will works and hurts like crazy, and it’s perfect to gain and mobilize our transverse muscles also improve our balance.

How to do it?

In a push up position, with your hands up under your shoulders, and feet in line with your hips. Keep your hips still as you lift one hand to tap it on the opposite shoulder.

Repeat on the other side. You can do 3 series of 15 repetitions.

2-Heel Tap

Another favorite. So effective and simple to execute. You can do 3 series of 15 repetitions.

How do it?

Lie down on your back arms on each side of your body. Bent your knees and lift them from the ground. Then slowly lower your heel to the floor but don’t let it touch it completely. Squeeze your abs to raise your feet back up to table top. Don’t forget to keep your back flat during all the exercise.

3-Wood Chop

The ideal to work your obliques, lower back and abs. But also your lower body ! It will improve your balance and posture.

How to do it?

Stand straight keeping your feet shoulder width apart. You can use a dumbbell or ballon. Rotate your torso to the right (if you start with this side) and raise your arms until it right over your shoulder. Bent your knees until a squat position or just slightly as your rotate your torso to the opposite side. Bring down your arms/dumbbell/ballon close to your hip. Switch side and repeat. Breathe out when you twist your torso.

3 series of 15 repetitions each side without a dumbbell. 10 to 12 with one.

And that’s it for this article, I hope you enjoy it and are looking forward to more of those. Thank you for reading it and don’t forget to share it.

With love, Arba.

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