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I can see read the title and for some of you not understanding what the heck I’m talking about. Khamaré whatisthis?! Where is it from? What is his purpose? Well this post is here to answer all those questions, don’t worry.

Khamaré which depends on the language is called cepp, sodhore, gongoli or vetiver root in english is a plant that we can find in Africa and Asia. Of course i’m here to talk about the african one. I love this plant so much that the second a friend comes to me, and talk about women’s problems (periods, vaginal discharges), I recommend drinking khamaré and see a profesionnal.

Ah yes, you need to know a thing about me, periods or vaginal discharges aren’t a taboo at all ! I believe it’s really important to talk about it, to research because the more we know, the better. Now that it had been said, we can move on.

Also named “the woman plant” , khamaré is perfect, and proved itself generation after generation for centuries. For the little story, I really discovered khamaré twelve years ago, during my first trip to Senegal, the last time I was in my motherland I was 4 ! And every time I saw bloating in my family’s water brown stems. I remember that the water tastes so good, with an unique smell and an unexplicable  freshness knowing that it was hot outside and the water hadn’t been put in a fridge. The answer was simple : khamaré did that. But I was miles away to imagine everything it was capable of outside of its doing on water.

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Ok now you are wondering what the link between khamaré, women and water?? To reply to all those inquiries, let me introduce you the impressive list of the Vetiver Root’s benefits.

Its benefits :

  • Cleanses the stomach from its impurities
  • Used to calm the stress
  • Natural aphrodisiac
  • Cleanses the private parts and get rid of the bad odors
  • Calms the menstruals cramp and the post labor pain
  • Fights against vaginal dryness by lubrificating naturally
  • Fights against urinary tract infections
  • Heals the stomach’s internal wounds after labor
  • Fights against vaginal itching
  • Clarifies the complexion and gives a beautiful skin by removing dead skin
  • Antibacterial it used to fight against the bad things in water
  • With its aromatic properties it gives taste and good smell to water on top of freshening it.

I told you that the list was truly impressive and yet there are some benefits I didn’t write about. So now you understand why it’s the women’s plant . It does wonder on our body and in it, especially the vaginal area. Now it’s time to see how khamaré is consumed :

Its consumption :

  • The khamaré can be drunk either cold. For that we have to put the root directly into our bottle, or water pitcher and let it rest for hours. Enjoy!
  • Or hot like a tisane, which is the best way to drink it. In a pan put the khamaré and a good amount of water (I put 3/4 roots for 1L of water) and boil it. Let rest and come on drink !

Evidently to have good results, you have to drink khamaré everyday, several times a day and for at least 1 month. Or even better : for ever.

Talking khamaré always reminds me of my birth country, so I’m half happy, half nostalgic. Here now it’s your turn to test and enjoy the numerous benefit of vetiver root. To you the good skin and bye bye menstrual cramps, and vaginal discomfort of all kinds.

With love, Arba.

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